Service and support

“The service creates a sense of security, because your web solution is always operational, backed up, updated, the content remains relevant, and a personal assistant is always available to you”

We still recommend using the service and support, because often there is simply not enough time to update the website yourself, despite the fact that every website or online store we make is accompanied by a simple and clear instruction (so that you can manage your website yourself).

For example, the website management system and additional plugins need to be updated periodically so that they always remain secure, and before that you need to make a backup, and if something goes wrong quickly restore the latest working version. This may require time and appropriate experience.

Other important maintenance and support activities:
Managing website or e-store content and pages in social networks
Continuous improvement of web solution indicators
Performing graphic works and updating content
Systematic backup and update
Tracking and updating your online advertising campaign
Consultancy and assistance

Advantages of our service

Security, because your website is always updated and functional

Reliability, if something goes wrong, we will quickly restore the work of your website

Convenience — we do all the work on content management and design

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